Caruso Florist, DC: Completely unacceptable floral arrangement


Think twice before you ever use Caruso Florist in Washington, DC. I ordered the premium floral arrangement (good, better, best .

. . this was the "best"), and the order was filled through Caruso Florist. I was appalled when this $90 "arrangement" arrived at my home.

Rather than being even close to the size described in the ad on FTD (10" x 11"), it is 6" x 7". No Gerber daisies, no purple & yellow & pink (just purple and peach) . . .

and only roses, and the rest carnations. It is truly awful.

FTD has requested that the florist come pick it up so that I can get my money refunded, but that does not help the fact that what was delivered for $90 for my daughter's 20th birthday was truly embarrassing.

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